Trent Reznor, man responsible for introducing a new industrial

soundscape to the world. With conglomerations of synthetic & raw instruments, NIN & Reznor have merged with, & are responsible for many new rock acts & new innovative sound projects.


Classic experimental rock band openly carrying the torch of many other cerebral artists & past figures of intellectual influence. Dictators of human experience using music &

visual art.


Awesome group with their signature original & beautifully melancholic sound. Site offers many interesting links.


Take a trip down Life's subjective journey. This guy's art is astounding. The band Tool make extensive use of his visions.


Podcasts galore with news on upcoming tech, media coverage, current entertainment industry issues, spotlight on the the big companies. Video, VFX, Photography, etc all covered by industry professionals.


Support the local bunch reviewing all things gaming, movies & anime. You must check out Zero Punctuation (under Videos, or just google him). Absolutely brilliant & funny gaming reviews with a zany twist!


Online resource & event reports, plus membership benefits

for upcoming Australian Actors.


One of the best dance companies in the world. Famous for fascinating works such Boxes(1985), Salome(1998),

Shades Of Grey(2004),etc.


Crazy gizmo distractions introduced to our sugar-fulled

short term attention span.


This Week in Media, MacBreak, The VFX Show, etc.

Great bunch of various industry podcasts.


The American Constitution is an amazing document of individual liberty & human rights represented. Check out “The Revolution: A Manifesto” by Ron Paul.


Ralph Nader, the so-called “Spoiler” of Al Gore’s Election.

A very interesting non-party Constitutionalist.


Archive of interviews, books, articles, debates,etc. from

Noam Chomsky. Major contributer to 20th century

linguistics & philosophy, then popular critic of

world power & politics. Unfortunately, not a supporter

of 911 Truth.


Those who are brave enough to brief the public on the state of

human rights in the world today.


Accuracy In Media, a non-profit watchdog of news media.


Local & abroad, the WeAreChange movement of peaceful protest & campaign for disclosure of all subversive truths,

political, financial, scientific, social, religious, military, etc.

As always, non-bipartisan or secretly affiliated or funded.

WeAreChange displays the values upheld by the great peaceful dissidents, like Gandhi & Martin Luther King Jr.

We Are the Change we wish to see in the world.


The Australian Sovereignty Party. A brilliant new look into our future, away from the Govt corruption & encroaching fascism,

toward TRUE prosperity, freedom & justice. Enquire within.


Broad selection of important Australian news, local & abroad that should concern all of us.


Architects & Engineers for 911 Truth. Join Richard Gage & many around the world for a scientific deconstruction of the events on 911, mainly the unusual circumstances of

WTC 1, 2 & 7. Calling for a truly independent investigation.


Complimentary site & podcast to 911oz.com Join Ereward Fenton & guest speakers for an injection of grass roots news.


Incredibly well versed on history, religion & geopolitics, Alan Watt is never-ending source of knowledge & understanding in the current political evolution. Check out his podcast “Cutting through the Matrix with Alan Watt”.


Robert Menard gives us a clear insight into law, how the law society works, and how to stand up & define your dutiful rights.

In-depth references to Common Law & personal liberty.


Too many questions after 911? Far too many. What is happening in the world & what are the governments up to?

Demand answers! We deserve them!


Local Australian patriots working against disinformation & printing a great newspaper covering issues political & community alike. Support good folks like these.


Australian based family giving a new, enlightened perspective

on life outside of the status quo & slow political quell of true human freedoms.


Another angry & concerned Australian. In-depth point of view.


Linda Moulton Howe, an Emmy Award-winning journalist

reporting international events, including scientific anomalies

& other remarkable phenomenon in the world around us.


A revealing look at world politics, health & media. One of the best sites to begin researching media manipulation, the "war on terror", international governments,etc. with links to videos & articles. Incorporates inspirational & uplifting links to counterbalance.



Alex Jones, confrontational journalist presenting a huge array of topics relating to the emerging "New World Order", it's implications to not just the US public but the world's population.

Creator of informative documentaries “Endgame”, “The Obama Deception”, “Terrorstorm” & “Fall of the Republic Vol1”.


Courageous & precise Australian journalist , author &

documentary filmmaker who can eloquently reveal all

the facts & ramifications of many subjects, from

Globalisation to Iraq. A passionate & undaunted reporter

of high integrity, winning many awards & revered by his peers.


Famous website listing a huge range of world news. Plenty of

stuff you would not have heard of from mainstream sources.

Also a home for David Dees awesome political illustrations.

Save Australia Alliance

Take back what our grandfathers fought for!

Neither Right nor Left wing, nor Socialist or Capitalist.

Supporting Sovereignty & Common Law. Enquire within.


Our current Paradigm is wrong. Here are two free professionally made movies that have risen hugely in web popularity, yet have polarized many opinions regarding religious institution & the power of money. The underlining issue is Our Future. And how we think about it.


Working to disclose the facts of UFO's & classified technology since it's first National Press Club in 2001. Now, thousands of credible witnesses & testimonies to support claims.