Like most kids, I was fascinated with illustrations, animation,

models & creative writing. Dance took my attention heavily

in my teens, including some 5 or 6 hour day training regimes

in-between work away from home. This lasted up to a short

period at 17 with the Australian Ballet School.

Abandoning the scene I travelled south.

Certain fields of study were pursued.

Eventually I discovered theatre.

Sometime after, I picked up guitar & bass

with groups of like-minded musicians.

Also managing & playing in a local circuit band.

Various modeling shows, touring dance troupes,

radio broadcast poetry were experimented with

utilizing what skills I had. This led to my returning

to dance training, performing roles in many local

productions, including West Side Story amongst

various professionals & aspiring amateurs.

Doing the rounds with a local rock band

Booking gigs

& drawing posters

“West Side Story” Stage Musical

performing with Craig Atkinson

(The Ten Tenors), Diana Holt

(Songwriter & Performer), Mark Curley (Channel 9), Clayton Watson

(Actor, The Matrix), Carmell Parente

(Opera Singer)

Modelling Events & Local Productions briefly working with Harold Collins

(former Director, Qld Ballet Company), Werner Henkel (Technical Director, Jupiter’s Casino Show) and other local artists in front & behind the scenes

Consequently, I teamed up with a long-term acquaintance

to again pursue music & write demo's. We were invited to

learn about the emerging digital recording scene.

This produced conceptual albums, art & design of

pleasing quality from our growing interest in

multimedia & the use of digital tools.

Having fun with characters

On Set

An elaborate website www.Dnalien.Tv (now inactive)

was developed early to incorporate alot of my work and the studio's music. Also to offer download

sales & demonstrate the surreal world of

fictional 3D "alter egos" I had developed

specifically for the DNA.LIEN project.

We detached to re-assess the project.

A new site is in development to publish

some of the previous work here:

DNA.LIEN “End Transmission”


An interest developed in the complex art of movie making.

Several scripts followed after the beginning chapters of a

novel were written. And accredited training was soon

achieved through the QLD School of Film & Television.


One of DNALIEN’s  3D alter ego’s,

representing myself as Songwriter

His story begins in one of the early

chapters of the novel to compliment the music ‘‘The Citadel’’

Since, I have re-focused on local multimedia work

producing a string of showreels & video packages.

I am constantly impressed by the quality found

in all forms of media from game development

to stage performance in the world today.

Currently, my interests remain the same;

Movies & Story development,

Visual Ideas, Sound Design & Musical impact,

powerful Dance, daring Theatre & quality Drama.

I enjoy taking an interest with politically concerned

groups, private researchers & alternative media.

An eclectic array of alternative science,

philosophical & religious groups have been studied,

including a long interest in the paranormal.

Right now, I am looking to get a few poetry & short story books published. Short films are being developed when

time permits. Updating my photo skills & new projects.

Several activist campaigns & videos have been created. And DNA.LIEN song material is now available

on iTunes, eMusic, Zune, Amazon, etc.

with the album DNA.LIEN “End Transmission”.

I am now married to a beautiful, unique woman.

Her name is Kelly Joyce. A kindred spirit pursuing

the art of acting, theatre, production & imagery.


Keyboards & Engineer


Guitar & Songwriter

Ok, heres a run down of my adventures so far...

Book Cover for

Poetry & Short Stories